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Hors Piste

Dimitri Daniloff shares everything you (truly) need to know about the digital space. Dimitri Daniloff is an artist, a digital native pioneer, as he started back in 2001 exploring digital art spaces and new techniques, initiating in such way an innovative and visionary dialogue between photography and technologic evolutions such as AI, 3D, photogrammetry, immersive installations…From multiple collaborations with top worldwide brands (Adidas, Nike…) to renewed advertising awards (Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, Clios…) to CEO of his own company Kklone, as well as consultant for leading luxury communication and marketing agencies, Dimitri Daniloff will share a global vision through his precious insights, futuristic analysis and unconventional expertise for FMA HORS PISTE, the new department by FMA Le Bureau, which aim is to drive your company to its best virtual expression. With the deep desire to decode the current issues, whether they’re artistic, ethical or philosophical, HORS PISTE is dedicated to brands, agencies and institutions looking to be driven in their digital acculturation process, as well as to be supported in their ambition to imagine tailor-made, creative, strategic and visionary collaborations, where the physical and the digital cross paths, merge or coexist with relevancy and avant-garde.  Stay tuned!


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