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Our agency is based in Paris and has been founded by Florence Moll. We invite art, culture and brands to a new approach. FMA le Bureau’s identity is a transverse one, owing much to its artists’ strong individual creativity, and its rich extends to various art industry. Together with its french and international artists, the agency helps its clients to find their artistic territories in order to grow and contribute to blossom their cultural identity through a network of savoir-faire. We meet the actual creative community through galleries, festivals in a constant spirit of curiosity and creative watch. Luxury, fashion industry direct brands and communication agencies are all partners that understand the benefit of challenging creative image makers. The agency has also successfully presented its artists’s works in dedicated events and exhibitions over the years, and it's built on the belief that creative talents need support, coaching and care.
Florence Moll also has a keen interest in young, upcoming artists, and as such regularly collaborates with the world-renowned Gobelins, l’école de l’image. She is a member of various panels overseeing exhibitions, awards and festivals and photographic design schools. In 2017, she co-founfed the first women professional organisation in photography "Les Filles de la Photo" and was its co-president till january 2021. She directed the first Observatory of Mixity in the ecosystem of Photography, supported by the French Ministery of Culture and Kering  in "Women in Motion" program. Listen to the interview with Florence Moll : by Marine Lefort / Les voix de la photo

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Since 25 years, we produce multidisciplinary artistic projects for cultural and communication industry, we are passionate about the image with meaning. We wish, with our artists, to inspire future partners hoping to share valuable synergies and create new opportunities for a successful global image and therefore, we dedicate our attention to a meaningful storytelling : a good image is a subtle balance of inspiration, creativity, great technic and strong production. We operate in luxury, cultural and advertising fields worldwide. We believe that good brand communication is above all an image with sense. Our expertise is to manage all creative projects from scratch to all final assets.

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