Marguerite Bornhauser

Photography & Special Art Request

Marguerite Bornhauser was born in 1989. After studying literature at the Sorbonne, she joined the National School of Photography in Arles (ENSP), from which she graduated in 2015. Her work has been the subject of various exhibitions, notably at the European House of Photography (MEP) in Paris in 2019 but also in the streets of Cincinnati in the United States, at Les Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles in 2019, during the Festival Planche(s) Contact in Deauville or at BETC and with Agnès B. Marguerite Bornhauser most often accompanies her photographic research with editorial work. Her first self-publishing book, Plastic Colors, was selected in 2015 among the 10 finalists of the First Book Award by the publishing house MACK. It was published in 2017. His second book "8" was published in 2018 at Poursuite. She published her third book, Red Harvest, still at Poursuite during Paris Photo 2019. Photo London announced that Marguerite Bornhauser is the winner of the Emerging Photographer of the Year Award 2020, in partnership with Nikon Northern Europe. Besides her artistic practice, she regularly collaborates with the press for portraits, photo-reportage or fashion photography.

Her series "Back to dust" will be exhibited at the "Rencontres d'Arles", from July to November 2023. In Autumn 2023, she will also be on show at "Paris Photo", the "Biennale d'Issy les Moulineaux" and the "Nuu festival" in Barcelona. In October, her book "When black is burned" has been published by Simple Editions and has been presented at Paris Photo 2023.

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