Stephanie Brissay

Stylism & Brand consulting

Since her years at L’Ecole du Louvre, Stephanie Brissay has forged her unique style referencing art history to intensify her vision and creations. She creates a silhouette both unattainable yet familiar at the same time. Drawing on inspiration from art combined with the style of the US TV sitcoms of the 60 & 70s, and the Hollywood icons. After 6 years at Condé Nast she became a freelance stylist Collaborating with Grazia, Marie-Claire, Express Styles, Stiletto, Collezioni among others. Stephanie worked with photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Ruven Afanador,Vincent Peters, Peter Knapp,Tyen, David Roemer,Terry Gates, Julia Noni, Simon Procter, Alastair Strong, Richard Burbridge, Audrey Corregan, Charlie Engman, Alexandre Weinberger, Eugenio Recuenco, Daniel Riera, Philippe Gay, Alastair Taylor Young, Paul Schmidt, Philippe Salomon, Christian Anwander, James Macari, Richard Bernardin. Directors: Karina Taira, Cyril Guyot, Eric Yfergan, Sarah Morandi and The Skinny.

9 rue Sainte-Apolline - 75003 Paris +33 9 78 80 08 56

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