Letizia Le Fur


Letizia Le Fur graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France in 1998 and first trained as a painter. Her work centers on the depiction of beauty and the representation of a fantasized otherworld. Letizia Le Fur’s attention to color is very particular; like a painter, she mixes colors on her palette, isolates and transforms, corrects, adds, exalts the tones, amplifies them to transcend reality and creates this sensation of unreal world. In parallel to her artistic work, Letizia Le Fur collaborates regularly with advertising and press magazines (AD, New York Times, Milk …) and is Leica ambassador since 2019. In 2024, besides a collective exhibition at the BNF in Paris, Letizia has a rich line-up coming: a solo exhibition at the French Institut of Barcelone, the release of her book "Caruso", with RVB Books in collaboration with Belmond, during her exhibition at Photo London in May. The same month, another exhibition opening ('Mines de rien') at the Centre Claude Cahun (Nantes) and one at the Hôtel Fontfreyde's Art Center (Clermont-Ferrand). In September, her "Mythologies" will be exhibited at the MAP (Toulouse), and in October at the French Institut of Bilbao. Also in October, "Mines de rien" to be seen at the CRP (Douchy-les-Mines). Last but not least, as she won the "Paris je t'aime X Photodays Paris" Award 2024, an exhibition will take place in November, where her series "Le Beau Jeu" will celebrate the Olympic Games.

9 rue Sainte-Apolline - 75003 Paris +33 9 78 80 08 56

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