Mélanie Courtinat

Hors Piste

Mélanie Courtinat is an award-winning art director and artist who considers video games as a major medium. She focuses on their extraordinary immersive properties, and seeks to push back their limits. The outcome, crafted through the use of digital tools, results in CGI images and films, interactive experiences, virtual and augmented reality. As an art director, she works on commissioned projects in the luxury, fashion, culture & music. As an artist, her personal work is consistently being shown worldwide in cultural institutions, galleries and museums. Mélanie also teaches video game theory at Écal in Lausanne and regularly gives lectures and workshops within an academic context. Furthermore, she has been nominated by the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) as a jury member for the Support Fund for Videogames (FAJV) for the forthcoming two years. In 2024 her artworks will be screened and experienced in different places : "All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost" at Cube Garches, "Experiencing the work, a journey to the frontiers of immersive art" at the Pully Art Museum in Switzerland, at the Biennale NOVA_XX 2024, "Pluriverse & Contingence" at the Wallonie-Bruxelles Center in Paris. This year Mélanie will lead conferences and workshops for the Killscreen gallery in Los Angeles and at the Forward Festival in Berlin. She is also organizing a residency in Geneva called "Résidence Evil", where she invites multidisciplinary artists to gather and create around the notion of horror on internet.

9 rue Sainte-Apolline - 75003 Paris +33 9 78 80 08 56

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