Arnaud Cordel

Photography & Films

After studying applied art and graphic design in Paris, Arnaud Cordel first worked as a freelance art director for prestigious brands and agencies, before becoming a still-life photographer. His understanding of the world of advertising combined with a singular creative vision and great technical skills, have led him to collaborate with many brands, including Shiseido, Montblanc, Serges Lutens, Maybach, Ferragamo, The Stimuleyes, Swarovski, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, LIERAC, BETC Etoile Rouge, PUIG … His taste for precision and details is evident in his work, with both chiaroscuro and bold colors. Arnaud Cordel pays particular attention to the confrontation of materials and the internal coherence of images, through refreshing, thoughtful and impactful compositions. The subject is viewed with complicity through the photographer's lens, revealing all its sensitive dimensions.

Ultimate - Mercedes-Benz

9 rue Sainte-Apolline - 75003 Paris +33 9 78 80 08 56

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