Camping Magazine

Do you love or do you hate camping? 

Whatever your answer is, you'll join an exciting outdoor adventure with Camping through the eyes of such talented artists, including those we are proud to represent : Mari David (Art Direction and Style), Maud Rallière, Ryan Hopkinson, Nick Meek (Photography) and Bigtime.Studio (Set Design) 

"The Camping project went through my mind back in September 2021, when I had the idea of developing an artistic subject based not on what I love, as I usually do, but on what I truly dislike : surprisingly  camping was one of those! I immediately knew this questionable outdoor practice, which some people even consider something fun to do, would raise intriguing, outstanding and above all creative dynamics" - Mari David

For this creative experience, Mari surrounded herself with talented people she admires, who developed this subject in the most offbeat way, and the result is amazing! 

We love how Mari challenged herself within the role of Art director, which joins her talent as a Stylist, opening up the possibility of new inspiring creative horizons.

Unpack your bags, pitch your tent and enjoy the view.


"CAMPING"  Book release 31.01.2024 -  Ofr Paris  -  20, rue Dupetit -Thouars 75003  -  18h-20h

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