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Daft Punk

Dimiti Daniloff, whose photography has integrated the medium of new technologies in its early days, has already won in 2033 a grand prix at Cannes for an amazing Playstation campaign, when Lemon Magazine asked him to shoot the two famous mysterious french musicians Daft Punk.

Mixed Media were at their early stage and Daniloff worldwide known for his contemporaneous creation. He conveyed a full 3D caractère with the two musicians who were not at the level of fame that came later. 

Dimitri imagined a meeting between  he musicians becoming almost robots  and a robot becoming almost human, in collaboration with pierrick @sparklink who accepted the challenge and designed the whole character tillgiving the feeling of a real skin, which was totally new at that time ! thanks to photoshop, the imagination could be pushed and free itself from the constrains of reality. 

Since then, dimitri daniloff has pushed further an uses photogrammetry for his creation.

He actually is the prize winner with ferdinand dervieux of a residence with edf. 
The carte blanche for an immersive experience  « 10 million dots »  will be exhibited at vr arles festival in july 2021 and at the gaité lyrique, paris, in march 2021.