Video directed by Mathias Ponard , From Pierre + Mathias, for ELYON 

A competitor in Netflix’s French reality TV rap series “Nouvelle École”, Elyon is the new rising rapper to watch.

“Qui va écouter ça ?” is his first single.

“I improvised the chorus in my basement two years ago. There was something unique about the way I dropped it. I tried re-recording it in the studio several times, but I never managed to replicate its singular quality. When I added a tremolo effect to it, the chorus sounded magical. So, two years later, I built the entire song around this take I couldn't get out of my head. The song’s title is a reference to what I'm going through right now; I'm pouring my soul into my music without knowing where it will take me. It's also a way of inviting the listener to reflect: in a way, asking the question “who would listen to this?” is like asking them to consider who they are. It’s definitely the central theme of the song," explains Elyon.

Qui va écouter ça ? - Elyon