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Nico Krijno


To help celebrate the newest Antigona, the South African artist Nico Krijno created images in honor of the line. Reinterpretation is the calling card of Krijno, whose work straddles photography and sculpture, as well as analog and digital collage. “I’m constantly reimagining objects and trying to create meaning from them,” says Krijno from his studio in the rural outskirts of Cape Town. Patterns, textures, “things I find that I would take into the studio and paint,” these are redefined to create a new appreciation of his subjects.

Working with large photographic prints, Krijno disassembled and reassembled images of the Antigona and Antigona Soft. “Every detail about these exquisite objects is perfect, so I wanted to bring in 'play' with painterly mark-making and drawing in the collage process,” says Krijno, who applied a pattern of circles, a recurring theme in his work. "The circle is the purest and most mysterious shape, it’s subtle and precise” and alludes to the details and contours of Antigona Soft.

Source : NY Times 

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