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Nico Krijno

Special Art Request

With a background in theatre and experimental video, Nico Krijno switched camps to the field of visual arts around 2008. His performance-based photographic practice is realised in a variety of media, from sculpture, participatory installation and video. Nico Krijno is a prolific contemporary artist who works with photography, at the intersection of collage, painting, sculpture and book-making. born in Somerset West, South Africa in 1981 and currently lives and works in Wellington, South Africa.Exploring the space between photography and the process of painting, photography and ephemeral sculpture, Krijno is carving an individual path through the current barrage of abstract photographic image making. A prolific artist who combines two-dimensional works with in-situ temporary installations, which reference the formalism of the wall-based art works. An inter-textual dialogue opens up between his artworks, and allows for an often-surprising tone to the assemblage.