Nick Meek

Photography & Films

The sculpture resonates for Nick Meek like a Proust madeleine from family stories when his grandfather and his cousin, the artist Henry Moore used to hang around together, friends in life …

The transmissions are like that they catch up with us imperceptibly when we do not expect it. Photographer fascinated by the landscapes for a long time, several times distinguished for his American landscapes, from the AOP to the order of Le Monde magazine on the iconic landscapes of America, Meek initiates with his photographic maturity a vast project combining sculpture in the great natural spaces.

The first opus is a series in the mines of Carrara. With his photographic frame, Nick Meek identifies, bounds, reconstructs, offers a new visual sculpture in a sense of detail that reminds us that a great whole is indeed composed of multiple significant subsets, trying to capture the very forms that would have served as an inspiration to Henry Moore.

Sculptural landscapes / Sculpture in Landscape – Part 1. Carrara mines


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