Dimitri Daniloff

Digital Art work

Dimitri first studied science and technology. The word “technography” comes to the mind as you stand captivated by his research of extreme. He calls upon attention, bodies and technology to display his specific vision of the very mutation of Human kind. Bodies in motion or statues frozen in their evolution by Dimitri Daninoff’s processes are the tools and mirrors of his obsessions and intuitions. His concepts, although a bit disturbing at first glance, create a paradoxical atmosphere that has seduced the biggest players of the contemporary leisure or prêt-à-porter fashion industries, cementing Dimitri Daniloff’s reputation as an advertising and gallery photographer with a strong identity. Twisting reality, “making the invisible visible”, while remaining in an ambiguous virtual/reality context.

9 rue Sainte-Apolline - 75003 Paris +33 9 78 80 08 56

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