Chris Labrooy | FMA Le Bureau

Chris Labrooy

Digital Art work

Chris Labrooy – born in Scotland – turned to 3D in order to complete design projects which had proved to be too costly so far. It would become his specialty, enabling him to become a reality “extrapolator”. Our entire life and consumption environment transformed through typographic, sculptural and architectural jousts. Chris “formalises” our society – always with a touch of humour – by making objects and structures out of fonts, by blasting punchlines, words and letters in an upward dynamic. Although he’s not rewriting the alphabet, he uses each one of its 26 elements amidst a high-impact aesthetic, emphasising the style and content relationship. Words become urban epicentres, daily objects, and totem-like structures overlooking men. Monumental mash-ups defined by their colours, energy and humour.