Charlotte Navio


This story comes from Charlotte Navio's  first photographic passion for portrait ; being close to her subject, devoid of context, focused on the personnality.

It also comes from a revelation : Rihanna's portrait by Paulo Roversi in 2015. About her, he says that « she has the talent of not only being a nice face ».

From there, Charlotte creates « CHARACTERS », a photographic series with the will of going beyond the appearance. She looks towards women whith strong personalities,different ways of being, moving, or using their own body,wether they are or not yet revealed.From there, Charlotte will create her own  imagery.

Therefore, she settles a ritual : the studio becomes a sanctuary where during tea time, conversations take place with the model an the make up artist Maude Aguener. The process creates a breathing space from which imagination can fly : transcending new facets with her own perception and inner fantasy merging with the model, amplifying and revealing personnalities is the challenge of Charlotte with « CHARACTERS ». 

Nine portraits inaugurate the series which will follow up with women coming from different horizons with a one and only law : having this « petit quelque chose » that makes the difference.



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