Last Frontier, Alaska | FMA Le Bureau

Brice Portolano



Prince of Wales 
Alaska, USA - 2015

Four dedicated telephone lines, a fax line and days to buy and sell houses. This is the daily life of Jerry Ryggs, real estate agent in Michigan when he made a professional burnout in 2007. At the dawn of the subprime crisis, he decides to leave his job and this life he finds absurd to leave for Alaska , 4,000 km away.

After a few months in town in Ketchikan, Jerry hears of a good deal: a man who has been in prison for drug trafficking is trying to get rid of all his belongings at a low price. He jumps on the occasion and acquires a boat and an oyster farm in good working order.

Only problem: he has no experience in oyster farming. Regardless, it's never too late to learn and Jerry soon sets foot on Prince of Wales Island where he moored his new home in a deserted cove. It is a peculiarity in the region, it is legally difficult to build new homes on the island home of the Tongass National Forest, and some people have adapted by building floating homes.

This is where Jerry has been living for ten years at the rhythm of the tides, in an incredibly wild and unspoiled environment. At I h30 from the nearest town, self-sufficiency is inevitable and Jerry feeds on hunting, fishing, and picking berries and mushrooms.

Last Frontier, Alaska