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Billy & Hells

Special Art Request & Photography

How did the subject come to you?

When Kira Pollack, deputy editor of Time Magazine gave us a call to hire us for a test for a “big project” the subject was still kept secret from us.
Maybe 10 days later we travelled to New York still without knowing what the subject will be, namely the journalistic event with the most attention worldwide since 90 years, which is 
called ‘Person Of The Year’

What was your first reaction and the arriving in the subject ?

We experienced enormous pleasure because there was somebody out there who is booking us exactly for what we love to photograph. What means minimalist staged, serious but above all sensitively powerful portraits.
Kira and her wonderful team allowed us to work free from the very beginning while they directed discreetly from the background.
The photo shoot began in New York, after very view days we travelled to LA and then further to San Francisco, where we did the title and for the conclusion back to New York again.

How did you build your photographic answer ?
For the imagery it was important to us that the attention will not be swallowed by a color chaos. So we decided with Kira to brief the people to bring their black clothes, with some exceptions, to not put a 
grief layer on the visual story. In 10 days we were faced to different people from different social backgrounds, women and men, famous and unknown. It was important to show them as individuals in an equality 
as victims in this widespread crime of sexual abusement. We didn’t want to show them in their suffering and injury, rather we wanted to show their courage, self-confidence and faith.

What has changed for you ?
Nothing and Everything. We met wonderful people, infront and behind the camera. The trust we got from Kira is a sustained and therefore precious gift we got. We want more. 


The detail that says more

The seriousness of news magazines can be seen in detail. An arm protrudes into the picture at the bottom right of the title. The arm belongs to an anonymous victim, who was flown in to symbolize all
abused people who have not the strength to tell their sad story of sexual abusement in professional subordination.

WATCH & TALKS : Shooting Time’s Person of the Year, ‘The Silence Breakers’ - Time Magazine