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Billy & Hells

Special Art Request & Photography

The legend says they met in a German countryside disco back in the 80s. Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger have worked together ever since – sharing 15 different homes and a set of principles for proper picture manufacturing (17 dark rooms and one portable daylight studio for portraits) – under the Billy & Hells pseudonym as painters-photographers would. The origin story might be somewhat vague, but the retro feeling to their work is anything but. The texture of their works is a happy result of numerous trials and “errors”. Ethereal portraits and eerie landscapes are strong indicators of the couple’s artistic and historic references. A new era Bonnie & Clyde who seek only to steal a moment from our lives, invite us to visit the models, and who walk through their background-painted pictures as they would through the rooms of a new Western guesthouse.